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The PAST Trainer is Eligible for Purchase Using FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Funding Support

For information relating to the current price of the PAST Trainer and optional associated equipment, contact us at or use the price quote request form below.

If you are requesting a price quote for the possibility of budgeting to purchase the PAST trainer in the future, we recommend that you add 8% to 10% per year to accommodate possible future increases in product prices, shipping costs as it is affected by changes in the price of fuel, as well as fluctuations in international monetary exchange rates.  When budgeting to purchase a PAST Trainer remember to include the cost of installation.  We do not install your Trainer; that is your responsibility.  Many ARFF departments have done the installation themselves–that is determining the size of the concrete foundation, digging the appropriately sized hole, pouring the concrete, adding the Foundation Anchor System (FAS) to the concrete before it cures, then placing the PAST Trainer on the foundation after it cures.  The eight integrated anchors fit into the eight holes in the base of the Trainer–that greatly facilitates the secure installation.  Some airports have contracted out that work.  If you decide to do the installation yourselves, the only monetary cost is the concrete.  If you contract out that work the cost will obviously be higher, and that cost varies from location to location.  We recommend you take these cost factors into consideration when planning to purchase a PAST Trainer, so that when you take delivery of your Trainer you are already prepared to install it.  We always offer to provide the PAST Trainer Installation Guide in advance to ARFF Departments who want to begin their installation planning, including constructing the foundation, before their Trainer is delivered to them.

If you are planning to purchase the PAST trainer in conjunction with the purchase of a new fire protection vehicle or retrofit an existing one, we recommend that you include a clause in your vehicle construction or retrofit contract specifying that you want the PAST Trainer delivered either “as soon as possible” or “at least four to five months before delivery of the vehicle”. That way, by the time the vehicle is delivered, you will have had time to construct a foundation and install the PAST Trainer, and your ARFF crew will have had time to study the PAST Penetration Training Guide . We provide the Training Guide and user documents just prior to delivery of the PAST Trainer. If the new or retrofitted vehicle is to be your first one equipped with a High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET), the manufacturer or retrofitter will be able to perform hands-on demonstrations of the HRET operations on your PAST Trainer when the vehicle is delivered.

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