We are currently in the process of redesigning the PAST system to accommodate additional training modules. These additional upgrades to the PAST trainer are the next step to providing a realistic training scenario for HRET’s (High Reach Extendible Turret) as well as basic training evolutions for the aviation firefighting community. The PAST trainer has provided an excellent platform for the piercing nozzle but the HRET is designed to do much more than just pierce the skin of an aircraft. The enhancements will challenge the HRET operator to utilize the HRET as the first line of offense in controlling and containing the fire. These enhancements are being designed to adapt to the existing units in the field and will become the standard on all future PAST trainers.

The enhanced PAST Trainer has been upgraded to include a new window panel for visual reference for properly positioning the piercing nozzle for cabin penetration. The window panels are also designed to be removable and replaced with a carbon fiber composite panel as an alternative to the aluminum material.

The wing module is the latest addition to the PAST Trainer. It will provide additional training scenarios for not only the HRET but also general firefighting size up, Tactics and deployment.

These new upgrades will take HANDS ON training to a new level